Removes foul water odor, taste and stains by using the air we breathe   The Most Innovative Single Tank Aeration Systems in the Universe!
Combines aggressive pressurized aeration with the oxidation power of hydrogen peroxide   CSI's Signature Duplex water softeners are the finest in the softening industry. This versatile model softens water through one resin tank while a second resin tank remains in a stand-by mode.
Kills bacteria without the use of chemicals   In cases where there may be elevated quantities of sediment or certain other contaminants, a filter may be the proper solution

Commercial / Industrial

Click here to learn more about our commercial and industrial line of products   One of the most convenient and economical methods of reducing unwanted contaminants in your drinking water


Specially designed to maintain the quality and performance of water softeners and reverse osmosis (RO) units, Sani-System sets the standard for sanitizing.   The Shark Skin Jacket is a quick and easy solution to reduce tank condensation and puddling on the floor of your equipment room.